​​​​A modular product family of state-of-the-art flying optics laser cutting machines where the cutting head moves accurately and with high dynamics over the work piece. There are solutions for different sheet sizes, with optimal laser technologies for every range of materials and thicknesses, and all are driven by high performance and maintenance free rack and pinion or linear motor motion systems.

Cutting Axis
Cutting Axis
X Axis (mm) 3000
Y Axis (mm) 1500
Z Axis (mm) 150
Max. Cutting Dimension (mm) 3000 X 1500


Rigid Frame & Gantry
The basis of all Durma laser machines is a rigid stress-relieved welded steel frame construction upon which a stiff gantry axis system moves the cutting head. The design guarantees accurate parts even when cut with the fastest cutting speeds and under the highest accelerations.



Shuttle Tables
Integrated shuttle tables are incorporated on the laser machine to maximize the productivity and minimize the material handling times. The shuttle table and pallet change system allows convenient loading of new sheets or unloading of finished parts while the machine is cutting another sheet inside the working area .


Conveyor System
The automatic scrap conveyor allows the removal of scrap pieces from the working area without the need to interrupt the cutting process.


CAD/CAM Software
The CAD/CAM software provided with the machine has all the tools to import or draw parts, prepare the geometriesfor the laser cutting process and make automatic and efficient nests.

  • Full-automatic cutting.
    (Any CAD drawings can be imported to create NC Codes which are loaded to the controller via network or memory stick)
  • Common Cut-common border of parts reduces cycle times and mate rial dispos als by cutting once.
  • Sprint Cut- chooses the shortest path of head from one to an other contour.
  • Fast Head Path Collision Protection.
  • Advanced corner applications with power modulation provides per fect corners and soft cutting.
  • Real font styles are supported to cut or mark.
  • Pre-piercing finishes all piercings prior to contours



Energy Saving Beam Guidance System
The laser beam is completely encapsulated through its travel from resonator exit to the laser head.


Cutting Head
​Intelligent “Capacitance” Style Cutting HeadThe cutting head is equipped with a capacitive distance sensor which automatically keeps the distance between the cutting head and the material constant. The system continuously regulates the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, simultaneously adjusting the Z-axis according to material thickness.
Cartridge style replacement
Lens cartridge temperature sensors protect lenses
A piercing sensor detects the completion of piercing
ControlCut: the sheet is pre-measured for deviations in terms of sheet sizes, corners and angular positioning on the table.


Dust Collection / Filtration
The chiller to cool down the laser source and the optical
elements is silent and energy-efficient.
Dust particles produced during the cutting operations are
vacuumed by embedded filter channels located under the
cutting table. A clean working environment results in reduced machine maintenance and cleaning.

  • Self Cleaning (system cleans itself and dust is trans ferred to the disposal bin)
  • Easy Disposal Using Portable Scrap Container
  • Free Contacts for External Controls (no electricity con sumed when not cutting)
  • Siemens CPU and PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridges


Control Unit
​Durma laser machines achieve the highest dynamics and the fastest laser processing cycle times thanks to the combination of rigid mechanics and a state-of-the-art numerical control and drive system.
The graphical user interface ensures an easy operation of the machine and the on-board libraries of reference cutting parameters for various materials and thicknesses allow the operator to achieve optimal cutting results in a minimum amount of time.
Programs can be loaded easily into the machine with a USB stick or over a fast Ethernet connection with the company network.